The speed and security of future 5G applications are enhanced through artificial intelligence

Professor Jukka Riekki‘s research team at the Centre for Ubiquitous Computing, has received significant funding (500, 000 eur) to investigate the new possibilities offered by edge computing enhanced by artificial intelligence.

The project will focus on the development of new technologies and applications around the 5G network, in which low latency and security are critical factors, for example, in hospitals, industry or even steering of vehicles.

The project is funded under the scope of the Future Makers program promoted by the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and co-funded by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

The new Artificial Intelligence Enhancement Project involves professors Jukka Riekki, Mikko Sillanpää and Mika Ylianttilä, respectively, at the Centre for Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP), the Mathematical Sciences Research Unit, and the  Wireless Communication Center (CWC)  of the University of Oulu. In addition, the project is supported by research & business networks, and test infrastructures Analytics+,  SuperIoT and 5G Test Network.