Studying communities through public displays

Public displays offer communities a window to information. But they also offer researchers a window into understanding communities. Over the past few years, research at the University of Oulu led by the Ubioulu consortium has investigated a number of ways in which public displays can be more than just “displays”. In this article we summarise some of our most exciting…

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CrisisTracker: realtime analysis of Twitter feeds

This feature article by Jakob Rogstadius appeared in the Huffington Post. Effective intervention in humanitarian disasters depends largely on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the situation as a whole so that first responders and aid organizations know where scarce resources are needed most. At the same time, disasters are highly complex, with multiple events occurring simultaneously and information that is difficult…

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Crowdsourcing on public displays

At Ubicomp 2013 we presented one of the first papers to use public displays as a crowdsourcing platform. The paper was featured in New Scientist. This study was the first attempt to investigate altruistic use of interactive public displays in natural usage settings as a crowdsourcing mechanism. We tested a non-paid crowdsourcing service on public displays with eight different motivation settings…

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