Lik-Hang Lee gives invited talk at PerCom2020

Lik-Hang Lee, Postdoctoral Researcher at the UBICOMP unit, will give an invited talk on the 27th March at CoSDEO 2020 – the 7th workshop on Context Systems Design, Evaluation and Optimization, held in the scope of the 18th IEEE PerCom, the premiere conference in Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom2020). 

Dr. Lik-Hang’s presentation titled: “Emerging Role of Digital Assistant in Augmented Reality Driven Human-City Interaction” discusses the unique research issues and challenges in the intersection between augmented reality and smart cities: “Designing interaction approaches for Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) in city-wide urban scenarios are receiving rising attention. In our envisioned framework of Human-City Interaction, we foresee that MAR with complementary digital assistant will become critical enablers for immersive interaction in our smart cities. The proposed framework is on the basis of numerous works on MAR interaction design. We will discuss several illustrative examples to elaborate on the framework and accordingly highlight the importance of the digital assistant. The presentation will be concluded with future directions for Human-City Interaction”.

Dr. Lik-Hang LEE received his BEng. degree in Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management and MPhil. (Industrial Engineering from The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR. He then worked in a Multinational corporation for two years, prior to pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR, under the guidance of Professor Pan HUI (Nokia Chair). His research interests lie primarily in the areas of wearable computing, augmented reality, and human-centric computing. His works are published in well-known venues of ubiquitous computing, including ACM, ISWC, IEEE PerCom, and IMWUT/UbiComp. Additionally, he has served as a program committee member and reviewer for conferences like ACM Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence. 

Apart from his research career, he is an active member of the Hong Kong start-up community. He is a founder of an EdTech start-up named AVATech Innovation Limited, and since late 2017 his company has earned more than 18 awards, e.g., Hong Kong Awards for Industry 2018 (Creativity and Innovation), Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018, Award for Impactful Technology 2019 (Co-issued by Citi-Foundation and United Nation DP), etc. He is recently appointed by the Hong Kong Cyberport as Cyberport Mentor (2019 – 2022).