PRINCE- Preparedness Response for CBRNE INCidEnts


Project title: PRINCE- Preparedness Response for CBRNE INCidEnts

Timespan: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2021

Description: Financed by the EU Horizon 2020 Internal Security Fund -Police Action Grant, PRINCE project (ID: 815362) gathers 16 partners from five European member states, from Universities, to Companies, Government Agencies, and other organisations to tackle the challenges of first responders in handling CBRNE events.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) events have the potential to destabilise governments, create conditions that exacerbate violence, or promote terrorism. These events can quickly overwhelm the infrastructure and capability of the responders. PRINCE aims to support first aid responders and law enforcement/security authorities by providing them with an evidence base for strategic level decisions related to prevention, detection, Respiratory Protection, Decontamination and response to CBRN event. PRINCE aims to produce a roadmap based on EU and International Actions plans and recommendations by creating a PRINCE catalogue of training curricula in line with the INTERNATIONAL CBRN TRAINING CURRICULUM and EU, based on best practises and international proven CBRNE exercises. PRINCE aims to produce CBRNE SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) and plans for two incidents (Chemical and Radiological) in two major exercises (Greece, Portugal). The exercises will be performed with representatives from all responders to (1) share information on CBRN threat and risks; (2) exchange best practices; (3) perform joint trainings and exercises. PRINCE will provide recommendations to CBRNE equipment, systems, and training content and to develop ICT tools (E-training platform, CBRN Emergency system). PRINCE aims to enhance protection of public spaces, community and infrastructure by sharing project outcomes with wider audience through online information material, presentations to public events and media. Short term beneficiaries are CBRN responders and authorities from Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Finland and Germany, medium term beneficiaries are the EU CBRN authorities, stakeholders, and Long term beneficiaries comprise citizens, public authorities, CBRNE technology partners, business, Government advisors, R&D and industry. PRINCE increases sustainability through cross-border / cross-sectoral collaboration and by exchanging best practices and knowledge on joint exercises and training courses between five member states. 

Selected publications:

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Financiers and Business partners:

EU Horizon 2020 – Internal Security Fund -Police Action Grant (ISFP-2017-AG-PROTECT)

Research cooperation (Consortium):

1. EDPA European & Development Programmes Agency, Greece (Coordinator)

2. Hellenic Fire Service, Greece

3. Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Greece

4. Greek Atomic Energy Commission, Greece

5. General Secretariat for Civil Protection , Greece

6. ALTUS S.A., Greece

7. URI-UA- University Research Institute for the Study of Genetic and Malignant Disorders in Childhood, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

8. Cyprus Police, Cyprus

9. Fraunhofer, Germany

10. Societal Security Solutions Oy, Finland

11. INESC TEC – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciencia, Portugal

12. LGHA-General Hospital of Athens Laiko, Greece

13. Maritime Police, Portugal

14. Optimal Defence, Portugal

15. FINT Future Intelligence Limited, Cyprus

Project Director & Coordinator (Oulu): Panos Kostakos