Design for Additive Manufacturing for Future Interactive Devices

As part of the PRIME-VR2 project, the University of Malta is hosting an international workshop on Design for Additive Manufacturing: Future Interactive Devices (DEFINED), which is planned to be held in Valletta, Malta, between the 17th and 18th March 2022. This workshop is organised, aimed at developing innovative 3D-printed VR-based bespoke controllers and the supporting IT platform for rehabilitation purposes.
The workshop will consist of a number of round-table discussions on a number of themes and related areas:
  • Principles to successfully Design, Fabricate and Test Future Interactive Devices
  • Defining the Characteristics of Future Interactive Devices
  • Capturing of User Data for Bespoke Additive Manufacturing
  • Embedding Electronics in 3D Printed Products (University of Oulu)
  • Computational Design Approaches for Additive Manufacturing
  • High Quality Experiences of 3D Printed Interactive Devices: Users’ Expectations and Evaluation
  • Ergonomic Testing of hand-held Additive Manufacturing Products
  • Customisation vs mass production – the challenges of commercialisation
A number of keynote speakers will cover topics related to DfAM, future interactive devices and their applications: Ellen Yi-Luen Do | Serena Graziosi | Mark Gross | Mazher Mohammed. The registration for the workshops is free of charge.