Interactive Edge (iEdge)

We are a lively group of roughly 20 experts under the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of Oulu – some of us also work in other universities and others in industry. We define edge intelligence in collaboration with an international edgeAI community comprising experts of distributed computing and artificial intelligence in computer science and engineering, as well as experts of networking in communication engineering.

Description of elements in the edge-cloud continuum.

Edge computing distributes applications between the cloud, data producing devices, and devices at the edges of wireless and fixed networks. Edge computing brings AI methods closer to the physical environment. This enables deep integration of AI with applications supporting humans in their activities and with machines to realise autonomous systems. AI is integrated with the edge computing platform as well, for example, to decide optimal locations for computations

We study situation-aware, self-organizing and self-managing software platforms that use efficiently edge computing infrastructures for 5G and beyond. We enable trust with distributed ledger technologies and privacy-by-design methods. We push edge computing to the limits by embedding computations and AI into physical objects that are digitally fabricated to fit to their purpose. We use distributed artificial intelligence, big data tools, and machine learning methods to explore situation awareness for both end-user applications and the edge computing platform. We implement AI methods in ethical manner and emphasise testing in real environments. We expect our research to shed light on how humans can benefit from edge computing and how it can be used to realise resource-efficient systems.



Aarne Mämmelä : Professor Emeritus

Aarne Mämmelä
Professor Emeritus
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Jukka Riekki : Professor, Dean of ITEE

Jukka Riekki
Professor, Dean of ITEE
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Sasu Tarkoma : Professor (part-time)

Sasu Tarkoma
Professor (part-time)
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Susanna Pirttikangas : Research Director, Adj. Professor, Deputy Director of UBICOMP

Susanna Pirttikangas
Research Director, Adj. Professor, Deputy Director of UBICOMP
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Iván Sánchez Milara : University Teacher

Iván Sánchez Milara
University Teacher
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Ekaterina Gilman : Postdoctoral researcher

Ekaterina Gilman
Postdoctoral researcher
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Abhishek Kumar : Postdoctoral researcher

Abhishek Kumar
Postdoctoral researcher
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Lauri Loven : Postdoctoral researcher

Lauri Loven
Postdoctoral researcher
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Jacky Cao : Doctoral researcher

Jacky Cao
Doctoral researcher
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Marta Cortes Orduna : Doctoral researcher

Marta Cortes Orduna
Doctoral researcher
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Amirhossein Ghaffari : Doctoral researcher

Amirhossein Ghaffari
Doctoral researcher
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Hassan Mehmood : Doctoral researcher (part-time)

Hassan Mehmood
Doctoral researcher (part-time)
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Huong Nguyen : Doctoral researcher

Huong Nguyen
Doctoral researcher
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Tri Nguyen : Doctoral researcher

Tri Nguyen
Doctoral researcher
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Alaa Saleh : Doctoral researcher

Alaa Saleh
Doctoral researcher
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Shouhua Zhang : Doctoral researcher

Shouhua Zhang
Doctoral researcher
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Jani Launonen : Project Engineer

Jani Launonen
Project Engineer
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Vahid Mohsseni : Project Researcher

Vahid Mohsseni
Project Researcher
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Current projects:

6G Logistics (Business Finland co-creation), Ubicomp lead: L. Lovén
Neural pub/sub (Business Finland 6G bridge research project), Lead Sasu Tarkoma, University of Helsinki/University of Oulu, co-PI: Riekki, PM: Lovén
Better Factory (H2020), Ubicomp lead: Susanna Pirttikangas
Bridging the Creativity Gap (Erasmus+), Lead Netta Iivari, Ubicomp lead: Jukka Riekki
urBOT (Academy of Finland postdoctoral grant), PI: Ekaterina Gilman
What a healthy city feels like? (Infotech Emerging project), PI: Ekaterina Gilman
Holonet: Holographic Communications and Networking in the Next Generation Wireless Networks, (FARIA The Finnish-American Research & Innovation Accelerator) 2023-2024, PI: Tarkoma, PM: Abhishek Kumar
EFFICACY (Indificore) 2022-2024, PI: Pirttikangas, PM: Abhishek Kumar

Past projects:

FRACTAL ECSEL-JU  Cognitive Fractal and Secure Edge Based On Unique Open-Safe-Reliable-Low Power Hardware Platform Node
Make4Change (ESR)
Context-aware and Veracious Big Data Analytics for Industrial IoT (ABIDI) (Academy of Finland)
Personalization, Privacy and Quality Control for MaaS with Blockchain (TrustedMaas) (Infotech)
Bayesian Trusted Edge Analytics (B-TEA) (Infotech)
5G Edge Computing Enhanced Augmented Reality (5GEAR) (Academy of Finland)
PRIORITY (Business Finland)
Reboot Finland IoT Factory (Business Finland)
Open Infra Ecosystem I (Business Finland)
S2ERC – APPIA – UoU, Profiling User Activity for Security with Ethical Oversight (ProFile) (Business Finland)
5G Vertical Integrated Industry for Massive Automation (5G VIIMA) (Business Finland)
Coastal Urban developmenT through the LEnses of Resiliency (CUTLER) (H2020)
Edge computing enhanced by artificial intelligence (MEC-AI) (Future Makers)
Virtuaaliset palvelut kiinteistöalalla (Virpa-D) (Business Finland)

Selected publications:


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