Crowd Computing (CC)

The Crowd Computing research group investigates distributed forms of work, where the tasks are too challenging for computers alone. Given the recent advances in AI, it is now imperative to identify and harness the unique aspects of human cognition and develop ways for humans and algorithms to collaborate seamlessly across different domains. 


Crowdsourcing and human computation; We investigate novel crowdsourcing and human computation processes as well as the fundamental human characteristics that affect digital labour: motivation, data quality, and social aspects of work.

Applied & Interactive Systems; We build and study solutions that harness the crowds across different application domains. Examples of such systems include crowd-powered decision support through modelling large-scale subjective data or creativity support through on-demand access to crowd cognition. 

Open Citizen Science; We promote and empower people to participate in research as participants and consumers, with a heavy emphasis on life-long learning in the process. 


  • Simo Hosio
  • Denzil Ferreira
  • Aku Visuri
  • Elina Kuosmanen
  • Kennedy Opoku Asare
  • Andy Alorwu
  • Ville Paananen
  • Saba Kheirinejad
  • Li Junhao
  • Eetu Huusko
  • Joonas Moilanen
  • Sina Kiarostami

Alumni: Jonas Oppenlaender, Roosa Risto & Joonas Niemi

Current funding & projects: 

CRITICAL: An Academy of Finland (Strategic Research Council) project on critical reading skills

GenZ: Generation Z and beyond: Co-evolution of human capabilities and intelligent technologies in the 21st century (GenZ)

ICON: Interventions and Contextual Understanding for Low Back Pain Research


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