IoT traffic modeling and its influence on carrier networks

The Center for Ubiquitous Computing is funded by Huawei for researching IoT traffic modeling and its influence on carrier networks.

IoT connects devices producing massive heterogeneous data, introducing applications with different traffic patterns and requirements for the Internet. In this project, we explore characteristics of traffic of big IoT data and IoT applications, model the data traffic, and analyze its influence on wireless access networks and core networks.

We access IoT traffic data from Oulu smart city.  We develop IoT applications in the simulation environment based on analyzing the characteristics of the real world IoT applications, and collect the data under different network configurations. We model the IoT traffic data by using different theoretical methods, considering different types of data and different scenarios. We analyze the influence of IoT applications on carrier networks. We propose a future network architecture and analyze how the network should be adjusted and configured in order to well support both human-oriented and device-oriented applications.

The results of the IoT traffic model will help greatly the operators to optimize their network performance and reduce the cost. The related business model will benefit both the network operators and equipment manufacturers in the big market brought by IoT.

For more information, please contact Xiang Su.