Computer Science at University of Oulu in Top 100


In the most recent global university ranking by the Times Higher Education (2017 edition), the University of Oulu was ranked 98th for Computer Science, and was evaluated as the strongest discipline of our university.  The Center for Ubiquitous Computing, along with the other computing-related research groups at the University of Oulu, warmly welcomes this assessment. This outcome reflects the growing ambition of the university, and the increasingly competitive results relevant to Computer Science.

In addition to strengthening research output and impact, our Center has invested substantial effort in making the Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees more attractive and competitive internationally. For example, students enrolled in a Masters program gain first-hand experience in conducting leading edge research, and can access our world-class facilities. Students wishing to study within our Center can follow the “Applied Computing” orientation when completing their BSc or MSc studies, or take the “Ubiquitous Computing” theme when enrolled in the International MSc programme.

In total, here were 980 universities in the evaluation this year. Overall, the University of Oulu made a significant leap up to 201–250 in the recent Times Higher Education university rankings. This is the best ranking the University of Oulu has ever achieved in any international university rankings. Last year the university was ranked at 351–400. Among Finnish universities, the University of Oulu is now ranked equal second.

“What is especially delightful in this evaluation is that on the hard criteria of research, such as the number of publications and citations, we are now doing well. As the quality of our research is still improving, we may even improve on this level. It is well known that high-quality research will over time have a positive effect on our reputation, which will improve our result in the outlook category. We are on the right track in development, and I want to thank the entire university community for their excellent work”, says Rector of the University of Oulu, Jouko Niinimäki.