This page contains information about teaching, and information for our students about available thesis topics and supervisors.

Our Center contributes to the following degree programmes:


These pages contain information that is particular to The Center of Ubiquitous Computing. General information about studying Computer Science in our faculty can be found from the faculty pages. This information includes things like practical training, so make sure to check these pages if you have any uncertainties about your degree requirements.


The courses provided by our Center are listed below. Most courses are taught in English or available in English, except Elementary Programming.

Code Title Instructor Credits Period
Basic courses
521141P Elementary programming Mika Oja 5 1-2
521159P Principles of Digital Fabrication Georgi Georgiev 5 4
Advanced courses
521040A 3D Virtual Environments and Applications Matti Pouke 5 4
521041A Applied computing project I Matti Pouke & Simo Hosio 8 3-4
521286A Computer Systems Teemu Leppanen 8 1-2
521145A Human Computer Interaction Simo Hosio 5 2
521044A Social Computing Simo Hosio 5 1
Expert courses
521152S Applied computing project II Matti Pouke & Simo Hosio 10 1-4
521283S Big Data Processing and Applications Ekaterina Gilman 5 4
521042S Creative Design Georgi Georgiev 5 1
521290S Distributed Systems Teemu Leppanen 5 3
521043S Internet of Things Ella Peltonen 5 4
521045S Mobile Computing Aku Visuri 5 3-4
521260S Programmable web project Ivan Sanchez & Mika Oja 5 3-4
Upcoming courses in piloting phase
521149S VR Systems and Humans Anna LaValle 5 4

Thesis Topics and Supervisors

    • Mobile/Smartwatch Instrumentation, Human-Computer Interaction. Contact: Denzil Ferreira
      human-computer interaction, mobile computing, ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, context-awareness, mobile instrumentation (Only in English)


    • Creative Design. Contact: Georgi Georgiev
      Design creativity and design thinking topics, especially related to 3D fabrication, prototyping, and process of idea generation. (Only in English)


    • Context-Awareness. Contact: Ekaterina Gilman
      Ubiquitous computing, context-awareness, context modelling and reasoning, intelligent transportation systems (data management and analysis, applications). (Only in English)


    • Crowdsourcing Systems. Contact: Simo Hosio
      Crowdsourcing, decision-making, public displays, digital advertising, human computer interaction.


    • Cybersecurity, Command & Control, Mixed Reality Contact: Panos Kostakos
      Cybersecurity, dark web monitoring, online data, cyber-physical systems, crime sensing, data mining, ML, AI, NLP.


    • Embedded Systems. Contact: Teemu Leppänen
      internet of things, edge computing, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, mobile computing, REST, distributed systems


    • Ubiquitous Computing. Contact: Ella Peltonen
      ubiquitous computing, mobile computing, Internet of Things, crowdsensing, data analysis and applied machine learning, recommendation systems (Finnish and English)


    • Data Science. Contact: Susanna Pirttikangas
      situation awareness, context-aware computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, biometric identification, big data, open data, data mining, visual data mining, sensor signal processing, data analysis, internet of things, modelling user context and routines, activity reconition, gesture recognition, context-aware applications, sentient artefacts, intelligent transport. (Finnish and English)


    • Virtual and Mixed Reality. Contact: Matti Pouke
      Virtual reality, mixed reality, web and native virtual environments, virtual cities, virtual tourism, information visualization, smart living environments.


    • Robotics, Machine Learning and Virtual Reality. Contact: Markku Suomalainen
      Mobile robotics, robotic assembly, compliant and shared control, robot teleoperation, telepresence, human-robot interaction, learning from human demonstration, reinforcement learning, virtual reality, cybersickness.


    • Interactive Spaces. Contact: Jukka Riekki
      Topics in the domain of interactive spaces and internet of things that do not fit into any previously mentioned areas of expertise.


    • Ubiquitous Computing Systems. Contact: Timo Ojala
      Topics in ubiquitous computing, mobile and distributed systems that do not fit into any previously mentioned areas of expertise.


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