PRINCE Project attends toxic gas mass casualty field trial organised by the TOXI-Triage project in Mikkeli, Finland


PRINCE project PI Panos Kostakos, at the Centre for Ubiquitous Computing, attended the gas attack exercise on the Mikkeli market on the 22nd May 2019. Part of the H2020 TOXI-Triage project, the field trial tested, amongst other features, a respiratory gas analyser and a device for detecting toxic chemicals and gases. The simulation required the cooperation between authorities, involving a total of 300 people from the emergency services, emergency care, police, defence forces and the Finnish Red Cross.

Following the field trial, PRINCE consortium partner Societal Security Solutions Ltd. held the final seminar of the BASECO Project -Development of Collaborative Concepts of Operations for Addressing CBRN Threats and Risks in the Baltic Sea Region-  funded by the Ministry of the Interior and Foreign Affairs.