International distinction for CrisisTracker

Congratulations to Jakob Rogstadius for this great distinction.  CrisisTracker, an open-source platform built in collaboration by the University of Oulu, the University of Madeira, IBM Research, and the Qatar Computing Research Institute, has won the “Tech Challenge” award by USAID and Humanity United.

The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention emerged in response to an initiative issued by US President Barack Obama, and was developed by USAID and Humanity United. It included various themes to encourage individuals of all backgrounds to bring new perspectives and approaches to tackle the problem.

CrisisTracker was nominated as one of the six winning concepts in the “Alert” category, where ideas were sought for gathering information from hard-to-access areas to prevent mass violence against civilians.

CrisisTracker is a web platform that extracts situation awareness reports from Twitter during humanitarian disasters. It combines automated processing with crowdsourcing to quickly detect new events and bring structure to millions of updates in real-time.