UBICOMP is recruiting 2 part-time research assistants- Project STOP

The Center for Ubiquitous Computing (https://ubicomp.oulu.fi) is recruiting 2 part-time Research Assistants to work on Academy of Finland project STOP. DescriptionThe positions are available at the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of Oulu (https://ubicomp.oulu.fi), and the successful candidates will work within the Community Instrumentation and Awareness Group, under the scope of project STOP (https://ubicomp.oulu.fi/stop-sentient-tracking-of-parkinsons-funded-by-the-academy-of-finland-ict-2023-programme/), financed by the Academy of Finland. The research will focus on the development of…

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Announcement of Funding for MSc Theses Projects

To strengthen the collaboration, research and innovation between ”Water Engineering” and ”Ubiquitous Computing” research, three Master of Science thesis are announced. Students will work under joint topic and be member of strong research units at University of Oulu during the thesis process. Each work is funded with a 5000 € grant. The grant is available for students who have not…

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Call for Papers, European Review of Organised Crime- Deadline 15 January 2018

Special Issue: Fighting Organised Crime with Big Data and Smart Cities. The Internet accumulates new knowledge at volumes that prevent close reading. This trend is chiefly attributable to the rapid growth of new technologies, coupled with the development of a crowdsourcing culture, tools, and business practices. Open massive online databases like DBpedia, Wikidata, Freebase, OpenCyc, and YAGO have been used…

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