CityIoT – Future operator independent data integration platform



The CityIoT project opens data for companies to develop new services for cities and citizens

The current commercial IoT platforms are often proprietary and closed systems. The data collected from measuring devices and systems cannot be fully utilized. Further use of measurement data is too often limited to one manufacturer, and the services are not necessarily open to anyone else. Compatibility problems are also resulting in overlapping systems as all service providers need to make their own applications.

CityIoT (Future operator independent data integration platform) is a Six City Strategy Project, which is funded by European Regional Development Fund. The executors of the project are University of Oulu, City of Oulu, City of Tampere, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University. The main contractor and coordinator of the project is the University of Oulu. The funding period is from 1 September 2017 to 31 May 2020.

Objectives of the project
• To define an open and operator independent data integration platform and open interfaces with a coherent reference architecture
• To build an IoT piloting environment
• To activate companies with pilot cases
• To enable the exploitation of IoT information
• To support the development of new wireless technologies
• To speed up the execution of national and international strategies for enhancing digitalization in Finland.

For companies

CityIoT opens an opportunity for companies to participate actively in the specification phase. Companies can use the pilot environment to test and develop their products and services and to develop new products for the cities and citizens.

For cities

In the city of Oulu, the objective is to pilot how data collected from premises can be utilized in building maintenance and in measuring the life-cycle of buildings. IoT data is collected from existing and pending sensors to the operator-free IoT interface of the project.

In the city of Tampere, the objective is to test the sensorization of functions as a part of the IoT services of different companies. During these pilots, both new, pending and existing data sources will be utilized. The city of Tampere produces and collects data, which can be processed in the operator-free IoT interface of the project.


University of Oulu
Pirjo Rousu
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City of Tampere
Mika Heikkilä
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Tampere University
Kari Systä
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City of Oulu
Jani Nousiainen
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Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Janne Kumpuoja
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