Call for Papers, European Review of Organised Crime- Deadline 15 January 2018

Special Issue: Fighting Organised Crime with Big Data and Smart Cities.

The Internet accumulates new knowledge at volumes that prevent close reading. This trend is chiefly attributable to the rapid growth of new technologies, coupled with the development of a crowdsourcing culture, tools, and business practices. Open massive online databases like DBpedia, Wikidata, Freebase, OpenCyc, and YAGO have been used in the past to examine latent structures in language, economy, society, and politics. Similarly, other online databases like Twitter (API), Google Books, Google Trends, Foursquare (API), and The New York Times (API) have been used to study mass online and offline behaviors. Interestingly, recent years have witnessed the advent of large online databases such as Wikileaks, Enron Email Dataset, and Offshore Leaks that focus exclusively on organized crime, corruption, money laundering, state crime, terrorism, political scandals, and financial crime. The proposed special issue on Big Data solicits articles for publication that will map out the nature and scope of massive online databases, identify biases and pitfalls, discuss ethics and legal frameworks, develop case-studies, elaborate on further research methods, and explore the utility of Big Data and Crowdsourcing in policing organized crime.

Standing Group on Organised Crime:

Guest Editor: Panos Kostakos, Center for Ubiquitous Computing, University of Oulu, Finland; e-mail: