Ubicomp’18: 2 Demos accepted by UBICOMP!

The Center for Ubiquitous Computing will be present this year at Ubicomp’18 in Singapore with 2 demos. Make sure to say hi!

Demo: Enabling Mid-air Browser Interaction with Leap Motion

In this demo paper, we assess the performance of using mid-air gestures for web browsing. We built a Google Chrome extension to interface with the Leap Motion controller (LMC). In our user study evaluation, this interaction method is adequate for basic actions, but limitations arise when performing complex gestures.

Assam Boudjelthia, Sofeem Nasim, Janne Eskola, Joshua Muyiwa Adeegbe, Oula Hourula, Simon Klakegg, Denzil Ferreira (2018). Enabling Mid-air Browser Interaction with Leap Motion. In Ubicomp’18 (Demo), Singapore.

Demo: STOP: A Smartphone-based Game for Parkinson’s Disease Medication Adherance

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a second most common neurological disorder that affects up to 10 million people worldwide. Currently, PD patients undergo symptom observation on semiannual clinical visits. This work aims at the development of a new way of observation via smartphones, while at the same time offering the PD patient a tool to better understand his medication needs. Our mobile application leverages smartphone’s inbuilt sensors in order to keep track of subject’s medication adherence throughout the day, taking shape as a short-term accelerometer-based game played several times a day, and allows PD patients to record when they took medication.

Valerii Kan, Dorina Rajanen, Kennedy Opoku Asare, Denzil Ferreira (2018). STOP: A Smartphone-based Game for Parkinson’s Disease Medication Adherence. In Ubicomp’18 (Demo), Singapore.

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