On this page we provide links to tools, software, and platforms that we have contributed to.

Social networks and graph theory

  • Co-word analysis algorithms implemented in R. The bundle includes the source code, input data, and output figures/statistics. The analysis pipeline was initially designed in citation 1, and implemented for citation 2:
  • Temporal graphs algorithms implementated in R. The bundle includes variants of the algorithms optimised for RAM, CPU, or hard disk space (depending on the size of the network you want to analyse). Citation:
  • A social network analysis primer. If you are interested to find out why social network analysis can be useful for HCI researchers, read:


  • AWARE: a middleware for context aware computing on smartphones. Citations:
  • SAWA: a middleware for context aware computing on desktops. Citation:
  • CrisisTracker: an online platform that tracks crises reports on Twitter in realtime [source]. Citation:
  • Urban mobility analytics: an online portal for exploring realtime and historic wireles mobility traces in captured in Oulu. Get the source code for our custom PHP heatmap library, and custom Javascript Firefly overlay library for Google Maps. Citation:
  • Geotrafics: A geographic traffic visualization tool for exploring vehicular traffic patterns in Oulu. Citations:

Experimental material

  • Synthetic images of blood cells infected with malaria. These were used in the experiments described in:
  • Database of facial expression images. For this material email one of the co-authors. These images were used in citation:

Bluetooth scanning

  • Do-it-yourself Bluetooth scanning and instructions.
  • Bluestation: A distributed Bluetooth capture-dissemination infrastructure written in Perl for Unix-like systems. Citation:
  • FastBlueScanner: A C Bluetooth scanner optimised for multi-dongle scanning and name-requesting. Citation:
  • CitywareScanner: A Java Bluetooth scanner for multi-platform support. Uses a single dongle, optimised for running on multiple platforms. Citation:
  • ScanningDemo: A Java Bluetooth scanning demo with a realtime social network visualisation. Citation:

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