IWSSS17 – The Second International Workshop on Smart Sensing Systems (IWSSS ’17)

The Second International Workshop on Smart Sensing Systems (IWSSS ’17)

to be held on August 7-8, 2017

at Oulu, Finland.

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During the past years, sensing technologies have become an important field for computer science and technologies as seen in the trend of cyber physical system (CPS), machine-to-machine (M2M) systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Researchers in sensing technologies provide technological means to capture environmental, technical, physiological and other data. They provide the raw material on which applications and services will be built. Sensor data are the basis for the smart world. Due to various characteristics of sensor data and their corresponding processing requirements, such as multisource, heterogeneous, real-time, voluminous, continuous, streaming, ever-expanding and spatio-temporal, many traditional data processing and integration approaches begin to show their limitations, particularly when dealing with situations like sensor data and its application deluge.

Streaming data analysis, knowledge extraction (data mining, machine learning) and complex event processing are required to treat and preprocess these data, to detect correlations in data and to discover patterns or abnormalities in dynamically evolving situations. Data files as well as data streams need to be treated, variety of representation are used depending on the Web-based systems and the means for handling, storing and accessing this information to make valuable decisions need to be studied.
Semantic web technologies have provided particle means to this aim. Social applications, ubiquitous and pervasive computing are examples of areas making use of semantised sensed or processed data. Semantisation, privacy, trust, context awareness, community management, and data visualization are the core issues related to this area. We aim to bring together topics from several layers of data processing; from devices to services to enable novel ideas and collaboration combining the information from multiple sources.
The workshop intends to provide a forum for exchange of experiences among researchers from industry and academia actively involved in research, development and evaluation of new concepts, theoretical methods and experimental characterization and for debating different innovative solutions. Practitioners involved in applications domains are also welcome to present their tasks and to participate to these discussions. The workshop will feature a selective technical program consisting of regular research papers as well as position talks.

This workshop is continuation of International Workshop of Web Intelligence and Smart Sensing Systems (IWWISS’14,’15, and IWSSS’16). The name of the workshop is changed to focus more on system aspects.

We invite authors to submit original research as well as review articles, posters and demos to present latest progresses, determine future goals, and show techniques for future development in the field.

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