Human-Smartphone Interaction towards Personality and Usage Effects

This project is carried out by Wuhan University, Central China Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, Shandong Technology and Business University, Aalto University and University of Oulu. This project mainly focus on: Phone users’ personality and their phone usage patterns; Effects related to phone usage patterns; Data analysis techniques of phone … Continue reading

Road surface condition monitoring using buses

The Center for Ubiquitous Computing in collaboration with the Oulu bus company Oubus Oy and the Finnish Meteorological Institute have begun co-operation in Data to Intelligence project on the collection of environmental data. A road condition sensor has been retrofitted onto one of the buses operating between Puolivälinkangas and Saarela, and expected to collect data during December … Continue reading

Understanding Mobile Privacy and Security Concerns

Motivation Smartphone users are unable to preemptively identify potential mobile application malware. We developed Securacy, a mobile application that: crowdsources users’ concerns of application’s security and privacy (i.e., securacy); informs the users of potential risks; reveals hidden application network connections to servers; and pinpoints the applications’ servers location. We propose … Continue reading